Wall hangings are a fantastic way of giving a room "a lift". Swags, wreaths and other wall hangings draw the eye up to balance the visual weight of large furnishings. In smaller spaces you can create separation and definition of two spaces. Which is great for multipurpose areas found in lofts and small apartments. Just hang a long sconce arrangement to create the break in the room plan and never give up valuable floor space.

Wall Hangings

108-801 TRSCO-RU108-801 TRSCO-RU
72X28 316
507-804 CSCO-NE507-804 CSCO-NE
57X15X16 242
040114-607 COSCO-BLK-6 19X34X18 R 489040114-607 COSCO-BLK-6 19X34X18 R 489