FAO’s Sideboard Arrangements are the perfect solution to give smaller foyers a grand look.  Many design pro’s use them on niche ledges and entry consoles to add an extra welcoming touch.  Each Sideboard Arrangement is constructed with 3 main sides:  the front focal and 2 supporting sides.  These arrangements are typically more upright in height and work great on mantles, buffets, wall chests, and most tabletop spaces that will be viewed from 1-3 sides.


1206-807 TRSB-RU1206-807 TRSB-RU
42X23X16 396
1207-682 CSB-RU1207-682 CSB-RU
37X17X17 430
208-669 TWGN-NE208-669 TWGN-NE
31X19X16 312
307-439 TCS-RU307-439 TCS-RU
48X15X12 310
308-612 COWGN-NE308-612 COWGN-NE
38X22X22 380
308-620 TCS-RG308-620 TCS-RG
39X16X13 394
408-611 TCS-RE408-611 TCS-RE
42X15X14 180
505-413 TSB-RG505-413 TSB-RG
36X26X26 198
507-809 COWGN-RU507-809 COWGN-RU
41X6X6 338
807-1019 TRSB-RU807-1019 TRSB-RU
41X25X13 344